Let’s Play a Game That’s Not Really a Game

You've seen all those "Let's Play a Game" posts - the Internet's version of "Have You Ever?" They ask you to look at various statements about your past deeds (or misdeeds, as it were) and assign yourself a score. What would the #metoo version look like? I wondered. So let's play. All are welcome. Calculate… Continue reading Let’s Play a Game That’s Not Really a Game


Feed Kittens, Not Trolls

I’ve heard of comment sections referred to as the sewer of the Internet. Honestly I like browsing comment sections to look for additional information, divergent viewpoints, and sometimes thoughtful commentary. But inevitably, the trolls will be there, gleefully triggering strangers with their inflammatory statements, misinformation, and poor writing skills. Often these trolls have 50, 80,… Continue reading Feed Kittens, Not Trolls