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No, Teachers Do Not Work 180 Days a Year

Being an educator is a tough and often thankless job where everyone, for better or worse, has an opinion about how it should be done.

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North Carolina Legislators, Please Note

Today is the first day of your short session. It was adjourned, as I have read it, within 30 minutes of its call to order. This, with approximately 20,000 North Carolina teachers on your doorstep. We expect more from our lawmakers, just as we expect more from our students. As educators, we are responsible for… Continue reading North Carolina Legislators, Please Note

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The Power of our Words

Margaret Atwood wrote, “A word after a word after a word is power.” Never have I seen this more in my lifetime than in the last year and a half. Until this last few days. I have seen and heard most of the ugliest speech our language permits traded back and forth between people during… Continue reading The Power of our Words

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How the Polcorps Stole Education (Satire)

By Marianne Rogowski Every child down in Schoolville liked learning a lot, But the Polcorps, who sat high on their horses, did not. They hated education more than most people do. But don’t ask them why, for they hate questions, too. It could be that ignorance gave them more power. It could be that illiterate… Continue reading How the Polcorps Stole Education (Satire)